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All medical practices have a website, but none have their own custom app in the app store. The vast majority of the adult US population has a smart phone and are getting more and more of their information using mobile devices, but getting a custom mobile app built and maintained is very expensive. MedTunnel has already built the hipaa-compliant infrastructure needed for building custom medical apps. We’ve decided to leverage this backbone and build custom mobile apps for medical practices that are very inexpensive and highly functional. This means that your practice can have it’s own app in both the Apple app store for iOS devices and Google play store for android devices complete with your own icon.

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Your Own App Features:

Home Page

The main landing page of the app with customized artwork that lists the practice’s main phone number that when touched will call the practice.

Providers List

A custom ordered list of providers in the practice complete with picture, short description, and detailed description that are fully customizable for each physician.

Provider recommendation

Many practices new patients come from recommendations from existing patients. This feature allows existing patients to recommend your practice or a provider to their friends or contacts via email, text, twitter, or facebook.

Locations List

A list of all of your practice’s locations complete with address, images, and even an interactive map. This list is automatically sorted by distance from the user’s location. The interactive map will give turn by turn directions to your office.

Appointment Requests

Allows users to request appointments with your practice. These request include all details and even include images taken with the smart phone camera of the front and back of the patient’s insurance card.

Hipaa Compliant Messaging

Patients can securely message your practice or a specific provider (or their assistant) about any questions they have. This message can even include images taken with their camera. No more leaving voicemail messages!

Customized Web Links

Your app can have an unlimited number of customized web links that you can use to link to websites and resources outside of the app. These may include things such as your practice’s website or web portal, patient education, forms, or even sponsor links.

Global Messaging

This allows your practice to send a push notification message to all of your existing patients at once. For example if a new physician joins your practice or you open a new office location, you can deliver this message to all of your patients at once via push notifications.

Database Driven Architecture

all content in the app is database driven. What this means is that if you need to make a change in the app, simply contact us with the change and we update the database and all your patients with existing apps will automatically update the content without having to resubmit the app or update the app.

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