How is MedTunnel Free?

Amazingly this is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. The skepticism about how we can provide such a valuable service for free especially in a medical environment is justified because health care providers are used to paying premium prices for services. When a free service like MedTunnel comes along that provides such a great service for free, there is bound to be a feeling of “too good to be true.” Well, we wanted to state clearly for all the skeptics that MedTunnel is a great service for health care and it is absolutely free.

Then if MedTunnel is free, how to do we make money? The short answer to this is we are free just like Facebook and Twitter are a free service, but still manage to make money.

You don’t have to pay for your Facebook account or Twitter account, but are still provided a useful service. We realize that this is a foreign paradigm in medicine and it may be hard to believe at first. At present we are concentrating on growing our user base and not on generating revenue. In the future, after we have a significant user base, we may provide additional services that may be paid for, or we may sell limited advertising to provide revenue. Also, we do not believe in bait and switch, and you can rest assured that anything that is free in the app now will continue to be free in the future. Only additional features may be a paid service.

One way we do not make money is by “mining” any data sent via MedTunnel. In fact, our security is such that no one at MedTunnel can actually view any secure data that is transmitted and therefore MedTunnel only acts as a secure conduit through the Internet for data transmittal.

Hopefully, this explains how we can provide MedTunnel for all health care providers for free. We hope you enjoy using it with peace of mind.