Say Goodbye to Fax ...

Free HIPAA Compliant Communication for Healthcare

MedTunnel is a free service that provides secure HIPAA compliant communication for healthcare. It allows providers and patients to communicate and exchange private health information using their computers and mobile devices.

End-to-End Security

At MedTunnel, we are fanatical about security. It is the basis for what we do. Our unique security measures ensure that your private health information always remains just that - private.

HIPAA Compliant

MedTunnel is a HIPAA compliant service. This ensures that all sensitive patient information is protected as per the standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Access Anywhere & Anytime

Your MedTunnel account can be accessed from your computer or mobile device. Therefore, you can send and receive secure messages and documents as easily as sending an email or a text.

For Providers & Patients

MedTunnel was created for providers and patients to send and receive private health information securely over the Internet. It’s time to say goodbye to faxes and paper mail.


free secure communication for healthcare

MedTunnel was created to address the need for a free and secure way to communicate private healthcare information (PHI) over the internet.

It allows providers and patients to send and receive PHI, including messages and documents, between their computers and mobile devices. The big benefit for providers is that they are no longer limited to using fax or paper mail in order to securely send and receive PHI . Meanwhile, patients no longer have to drive to their providers’ office to obtain their medical records. It is all done electronically over the internet – no paper, no fuss.


our unique approach to security

At MedTunnel we are fanatical about security. It is the basis for what we do. What makes our approach to security unique? In order to maintain the high level of end-to-end security required to ensure your private health information (PHI) remains just that – private, we have determined that no one at MedTunnel should have access to the PHI. That’s right – no employee of MedTunnel, at any level (including the CEO), has access to the PHI on the server. What this means to you is that the only person with direct access to your PHI on MedTunnel – is you.

End-to-end…always secure.


integrate instantly with your existing systems

For providers, MedTunnel allows for instant integration with your existing systems. The MedTunnel Desktop App – available as a free download for PC and Mac – has a feature called Print-To-Send. This feature installs a virtual printer on your system that can be printed to from any application. When the virtual printer receives a document it is automatically converted into a PDF file for secure sending via the MedTunnel system. Therefore, any application that can print can automatically interface with MedTunnel for sending documents – it’s that simple.  On the receiving side, the Desktop App has a feature called AutoDownloader which allows all messages and documents sent to an account to be automatically downloaded and stored to any folder of your choice. This provides instant integration with existing systems that allow for a watched folder for incoming faxes. Just point the AutoDownloader to this folder and you have instant integration of received messages. For deeper integration, MedTunnel offers an application program interface (API).


Access from your computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime

From your PC or Mac

Log in to the web-based application to view and send your secure messages. You can also download the MedTunnel Desktop App to use two convenient features unique to only MedTunnel: The Print-to-Send feature allows you to send messages and documents directly from your desktop without having to log in to your web account. The AutoDownloader feature allows you to set your incoming messages and documents to be automatically downloaded directly onto your computer – no need to log in to your account to manually download and save your messages or documents to your computer. It’s that simple.

From your mobile device

Download our Mobile App to send and receive your messages or documents from anywhere, at anytime. The Mobile App also allows you to use our unique secure instant messaging. Send secure messages from provider-to-provider, provider-to-patient, patient-to-provider, and patient-to-patient instantly. The Mobile App also includes a push notification feature, which lets you know when you have received a new MedTunnel message. Providers can provide consults from their mobile device. Patients can communicate with their providers from anywhere, at anytime – instantly and securely.

Different platforms...same MedTunnel security.

For additional information visit our FAQs page, or to watch our demo videos visit our Support page.